What Our Customers say

“Would recommend for anyone looking for an honest and reliable mechanic at affordable prices. Honest and dependable. Thanks again!”
~ Michael C.

“Mr. Mike was so helpful and amazing! He was HONEST! My car had a timing chain issue with some mechanical damage and Mr. Mike took the time to analyze the entire car and give me his honest opinion on what to fix and what not to fix. He was straight forward and very professional. He was quick and efficient and I highly recommend him for any and all of your auto needs. He has so many referrals and recommendations as well. He gives you options and doesn’t try to bias it. I could not speak more highly of this mechanic shop and of Mr. Mike! Thank you once again for all of your help and expertise.”
~ Ellery P.

“Amazing in every way. I called 8 places for replacement for a power steering pump. Prices from 300 to 600. Mike called me with a much better quote and got the car in the same day. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service and care.”
~ Jill J

“We were completely in a pickle with our van…the owner helped as much as he could with pricing and we were able to afford it!!! Van is running great…really glad to have done business there…highly recommend!!!”
~ Patrick O.

“EXCELLENT FRIENDLY SERVICE! I was given an estimate, issues were found, excellent communication from both Mike and David. A solution was found, was told the cost and he gave me every opportunity to explore other routes of repair. I STUCK WITH MOORE 4 LESS to complete the job. Very pleased with the outcome and now I have a dependable trustworthy mechanic shop for any future issues. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!”
~ Edward Sizemore

“Great, quick service with a fair price. I will be returning with another vehicle.”
~ Ovhek

“I took my 2006 Toyota Prius in to have the brakes checked, they told me that I did not need new brake pads, even with 226,000 miles on the original brake pads. They said I only needed an adjustment to the rear brakes. They could easily have said that I needed new brake pads, but they were honest and told me what I really needed, which only cost me $40. This will be the auto repair shop that I use from now on for my two automobiles. I have been looking for an honest auto service shop for a long time, but I do not have to look any longer :)”
~ Kirt Parker

“Great, trustworthy mechanic. Had never visited the place before and they cut me a huge break on minor repairs. They’ve earned a customer for that.”
~ Caleb Shaver

“Driving across the country and my brakes started to make an ungodly sound. Glad I found this shop. The guys fixed my grinding brakes, turned a rotor, and replaced the other, among other things in a couple of hours. The price for service was reasonable and the and work they did was great. Highly recommend this business.”
~ Andrey Danilyuk

“Best place to get your vehicles fixed at. Honest straightforward mechanics. Mike the owner and his crew are the best. You will definitely be returning if you get a repair done. Unlike other mechanic that will knowingly overcharge you because you know nothing these guys will explain everything to you even let you watch there work in progress. I highly recommend”
~ Michael Mann.

“Such amazing customer service 👏
They always get me in right away and are done so quickly, but do an incredible job!! I’m way more then happy with every experience I’ve had there. I won’t go anywhere else.. ever.
Thank you so much to the whole team for taking care of my cars, and being so kind and professional!!”

~ Samantha rose.

“Mike and crew are awesome I have had work done to both my car and truck. Fast, efficient, and affordable I trust Mike. If you need a mechanic you can connect with and use when issues arise this is the shop. You get what you pay for and Mike and his staff get your car fixed.”
~ Stephan Schilling.

“They do great work on vehicles, but you really should drop your vehicle off and come back after they finish working on it, if you decide to wait on it and stick around there in the office it could take awhile where they stay so busy. I highly recommend these guys”
~ Pete Thicke.

“I am so grateful I was referred here by a friend. I was expecting to pay a ton for a oil leak but the price was so reasonable and I will definitely be doing business with them anytime I need anything done to my vehicle.”
~ Ashley Watson.

“Had my car towed here the other day and they were able to look and it and diagnose the problem in a bery timely matter and then were able to fix it both promptly and for a very fair price. Would absolute recommend them to anyone.”
~ Tyler Trainor.

“These guys are great! They have always been super friendly. They took the time to tell me what was going on and what needs and why. This is my go to shop in knox.”
~ Pat Hutto.

“If nothing need fixing they’ll tell you straight up. If they say it needs fixing, it does. Best auto repair shop I’ve ever dealt with. Won’t go anywhere else.”
~ Karl Allen.

“The mechanics were so helpful and spent time identifying the exact problem, which was such an affordable expense. It feels good to truly trust a mechanic!!”
~ Tammy SOmmers.

“I was amazed at their prices and the speed at which they got my car ready. I will be using them from now on everytime something needs to be done on my car. They do outstanding work!”
~ Ann Elliott

10% off any repair of $200 or more
10% discount for Veterans, Active Military, and Teachers